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The DUFF (Zustin Mieber AU)

The DUFF (Zustin Mieber AU)

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sinsational™ By iamderekhale Updated Dec 26, 2016

"Man." Justin sighs after a moment of silence. "I'd be an extremely depressed person if I were you. Y'know, being the DUFF and all."

The British man turned to raise a brow at Justin. "The what?"

"The DUFF. You know, the Designated Ugly Fat Friend." The jock informs in a 'duh' tone like his statement was a fact that everyone knew.

And as if adding salt onto the wound, he had to open his mouth to clarify, "to be the DUFF, you don't exactly have to be ugly or fat. I mean, obviously... you're pretty scrawny." Justin grimaced as he eyed Zayn's figure, "but compared to all your friends, you're Mr.Zero. Liam's head of the swim team and co-captain of the football team and one of the biggest players in the school, after me," he bragged, "then we have Louis who's captain of the soccer team. And he's also dating Harry who runs the drama club while being the Senior President. Of course, there's Niall and everyone loves Niall. How could you not love Niall? He's like a big, fluffy teddy that everyone just loves. Even I love Niall and I hate a lot of people."

Zayn squints at Justin as if asking where the conversation was going. The Canadian obviously got the idea given the fact that he soon went on. "Then there's you... plain old Jane, plainer than Jane actually. You're kind of as lame as it gets in Stratford High. No one really goes for you 'cause you're all quiet and awkward and really strange. It's not like you're ugly either, you just don't know what to do with what you have. Therefore, you are basically a nobody who becomes even more of a nobody when you're being outshined by everyone you hang out with. You make them look better than they already do. You, my friend, are the DUFF."


In which Zayn goes to Mr.Popular to learn how to not be a DUFF.

RinTheQueen RinTheQueen Apr 20
detroyet detroyet Apr 29
Lucky Blue Smith, 1D boys and Justin in the same story? This is perfect 😍
K_Ray13 K_Ray13 Jan 17
Is it just me? Or when a character in a book licks their lips, I do the same😂😂💀