daddy lessons | 2jae

daddy lessons | 2jae

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" my daddy warned me about men like you.
he said baby boy, he's playing you.
cause when trouble comes in town, and men like me come around.
my daddy said shoot. "

" he said take care of your mother.
watch out for your sister. 
and that's when daddy looked at me.
with his gun, with his head held high.
he told me not to cry. "

" with his right hand on his rifle, he swore it on the bible. 
cause he held me in his arms,
and he taught me to be strong,
and he told me when he's gone,
here's what you do.
my daddy said shoot. "

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kikgigs kikgigs Jul 15, 2017
For me since I live in America I'm pretty sure that's $23,618 
                              Yep I'm pretty smart
I'm just to to take it all in I don't know what to do or expect
whisperjae whisperjae Nov 22, 2017
i just watched a koreaboo compilation i can't read this now omfg
jihopejinmin jihopejinmin Dec 31, 2017
SAME im sorry but i hate it when people are like this it just annoys me so much call me evil idec
XxLuckyTrashxX XxLuckyTrashxX Apr 26, 2017
o_o Omfg I got so scared... When I read it I just let out a breath I was holding xD
_xXAngiXx_ _xXAngiXx_ Aug 07, 2017
I don't really care who tops in 2jae cuz I can tottaly see jaebum AND youngjae as bottoms amd tops so idk that much but it's nice that someone writes top!youngjae once in a while ^·^