Lost in Your Eyes (BoyxMan)

Lost in Your Eyes (BoyxMan)

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Kat (Kitty) By StraightJacketPsycho Updated Feb 23, 2016



A painting is worth a thousand words. One glance and you can already begin to pick up on the story behind it.

At first I thought I'd had my painting all figured out. I knew for a fact it was finished before I had even begun. There was nothing else I wanted to add to the portrait that would further boost my amazement.

I knew I was gay. I knew it since the day I turned fifteen, and Melany Collins pointed out that I had no interest in girls. I hadn't believed her. But after more than enough times catching myself gawking at the male sex, I knew I had it in for me. Four years later and all I can say is I'm proud to be gay. Relationships made more sense, I could speak freely with my best friend, Katrina Devans, about anything in the world. Which for her ranged from sex to food binges. There was never a dull moment with her.

However, I had no dream, or even a wish, to fall in love and settle down. Hell. No. The last thing I wanted was to commit my loyalty and love to someo...

AldairM23 AldairM23 Jul 20, 2016
You... the Author... Had wrote the most EXQUISITE AND MESMERIZING prologe I had ever Read... I bow to your presence...
SoggyTofu SoggyTofu Apr 17, 2015
Let me just, *gets popcorn and candy* okay, I think I can finish this by the end of today
Jessica_Casarreal Jessica_Casarreal Oct 18, 2013
So freaking cute! I can already tell that I'm going to love this book. :)
JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius Sep 01, 2013
This literally catches my Eye ;) and I think I'll stick with this story.
Nekokoro Nekokoro Aug 14, 2013
1.4k reads. 84 likes. 42 comments. And the book is only on chapter 2 my god well done! XD hahaha i am so excited for this i seriously cant wait for more
ThatGingerRogue ThatGingerRogue Aug 07, 2013
I love your description of your story and hopefully you can finish a great one at that