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Kiran Hafeez By kiranhafeez Updated Sep 07

A story about a girl and a boy who were tied in a marriage at the age when they didn't know the meaning of this word.

Their parents tied them in a knot when He was 6 years old and she was 4.

When there was a relation then there would be a knock on heart and There would be of love spark in their hearts for each other.

Join journey of Haider and Haaniyah.

oh jahil, they are kids, what you re doing is haraam and before marriage you need the girls permission but she is a freakin kid
KomalKaur6 KomalKaur6 Apr 07
Are they mad, those are kids what if they want to marry someone else when they grow up, you ruined there life elders.... No Offense, it's a great story 😃
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Jun 12
I think it's Kashan and the lady is Naheed's SIL who was faking her smile looking at Haider and Haaniyah
143MANAhl 143MANAhl Aug 26
It's actually really confusing between mrs naheed and noreen who is good and who is bad? Please could someone tell me
Hahahaha this kids are so intelligent more than us 😂😂😂
wahayyat aurat bachi ko kya patti parha rahi ho have you know common sense