Mr. Alpha, meet your Angel

Mr. Alpha, meet your Angel

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Fallon By Ilovetheideaofus Updated Mar 15

"Baby, someone better call God, because it seems as though he's missing an Angel." The man playfully smirked, obviously very satisfied with the ever so cheesy pick up line he chose to grace me with.

Oh, you don't even know the half of it.

My name is Rosaline Evangeline Theophilia Adiana. Okay, now take a breath- a big one, for what you are about to hear might cause some severe, internal trauma. Moving forward, I believe it would be crucial for you to know that no, I have not been a bad girl,  I have been the very opposite actually. Some may even say I have been quite the angel for the entirety of my eighteen years of existence. No, seriously, I'm actually an Angel, you know with the white wings and glowing halo? And to be honest my life in Heaven had been going just fine, great actually.  Okay, so maybe I forgot just one word to the Hail Mary, but in my defense I was having a rough day. But other than that mishap, I was doing great, that is until the big man himself kicked me out to fulfill my destiny on planet Earth, leaving me with only three rules to abide by and nothing but myself to fend off the critters of Earth.

Rule number 1 - Only reveal your true identity to those you trust.

Rule number 2 - Save the Werewolf race.

Rule number 3 - Fall in love.

Hide my identity? Fine by me.

Save the Werewolf race? How hard could that be.

Fall in love? With whom exactly?

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jk199401 jk199401 Oct 26, 2015
i loved the book description! definitely something original for me, and can't wait!!
EnglishMuffin44 EnglishMuffin44 Jul 21, 2015
I'm starting this book from the beginning again! I just love it so much! ❤️
loveya1232 loveya1232 Oct 03, 2014
Your book is amazing with the detail and I like the description it pulls me in wanting more❤️
RockDoll86 RockDoll86 Sep 12, 2014
I end my authors note at the end of the chapters the same way!
epiphanyoflanguage epiphanyoflanguage Apr 07, 2014
Seriously, someone should say something like "He's a ladykiller" and Rose should be horrified!  Just an idea...your book is fantabulous! Keep going!
ilovewolvez ilovewolvez Nov 22, 2013
OMG this book is fantastic. A must read! You writing is so descriptive and well planned out and worded unlike many authors. PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THIS BOOK!