The Dolls <3 Larry Stylinson

The Dolls <3 Larry Stylinson

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❤ Baby Snow ❤ By HarrysinlovewithLou Updated Oct 19

Harry Styles = Mad Hatter 

Louis Tomlinson = Crybaby

Liam Payne = Teddy Bear

Zayn Malik = Alphabet Boy

Niall Horan = Gingerbread Man

~*~*~*The Dolls~*~*~*

Ugggh now I have to choose between Niam, Zaniam, AND Ziam 😭
You combined my two favorite things. Melanie Martinez and One Direction. God bless you :')
I always use superimpose, Picsart, and phonto for editing apps but pic collage is so bomb
😳 one want Niam the other want Zaniam and I don't want to disappoint anyone 😭
You were comforting and quiet. How did love become so violent?
The fact that I thought about stabbing her in the mouth before I even read him stabbing his dad lol