The Cities Lay In Ruin (Book One)

The Cities Lay In Ruin (Book One)

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"The scroll and the lever will open the pass together..." Those were the words Zeno, heard in the niche behind the waterfalls. 

A midling elf orphan on the streets of Cari City, Zeno keeps to the shadows and lives by the code of her long-dead guardian. But when Zeno bites into a piece of bread given to her by an old beggar woman,  she finds a coin of the elven mages long killed off by the Darkthreal Queen of the five city kingdoms.

From the coin, springs forth Revien the green mage, who tells Zeno he is there to serve only her, the old beggar is really a shape-shifting warrior mage named Faely'n, and Zeno is more than just an invisible street wretch-she is the way to finding the five keys to five crown pieces and restoring the five city kingdoms.

Uncertainty takes hold, until Zeno is poisoned by the Queen's flying henchmen and left in a state of delirium with dreams and memories far too sinister to be real. 

Unable to tell her dreams and memories from reality, Zeno, Revien, and Faely'n are left to battle Zeno's mind and the Queen's tricks at every dangerous turn as the poison eats away at her. Reaching their first destination is only half the battle. Finding a cure to keep Zeno alive means everything.

Winner of the: Silver Awards 2017

And my amazingly beautiful book cover is dedicated to @writtenbycats!! Thanks so much for listening and making necessary changes, while creating such loveliness! I really appreciate all you have done!

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Kayjay9651 Kayjay9651 Feb 04
Lovely the woman actually floating, or appearing to float?
Kayjay9651 Kayjay9651 Feb 04
Picky but not sure about the 'when' before the sudden gust. That may be personal preference, though, or yet another grammar rule i shamelessly ignore in my stuff :)
Rephrase for clarity: The tears fell without warning...
                              > Who is them all?
Kayjay9651 Kayjay9651 Feb 04
Fabulous so far :) this is the first picky thing i have found to mention. Is she not willing her legs faster or the bridge closer?
The second 'damn me' seems a bit out of place and distracting.
I like this, makes me wonder why not yet, what is she aiming to achieve