Meet The Carters {Completed}

Meet The Carters {Completed}

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Kyra Blackthorn By ChasingMadness24 Completed

"There's something we forgot to tell you." My mom said, nervous.
"What?" I asked as we pulled up to the mansion.
"Well, sweetie," My mom paused, turning to face me, "Kara has nine kids."

Stella Banks has just graduated from high school and can't wait to spend the summer reading and enjoying relaxing before she has to start college next year. That is until her mom comes to her with an offer. 

To be a stay-in nanny for her mom's best friend for the summer. Stella doesn't hesitate to take the offer, knowing that she will be getting payed so much she won't even have to pay for student loans. Plus she gets to stay in a nice mansion. She doesn't think anything can ruin her happiness.

Until she finds out her mom's best friend has nine kids. Nine kids who are all completely irresponsible, messy, conceited, and are set on making Stella's life at their house a living hell.

Can Stella make it through the summer without tearing her hair out? Can she make it through the summer without falling in love with the oldest Carter who also happens to be her ex- best friend? 

 With first kisses, first dates, and an empty fridge, can Stella manage to survive life with the Carters?

Cover by TheWorldWasQuiet

tassymorr tassymorr Apr 09
I love your books and I'm not very smart so wouldn't notice if something was spelt wrong
Is it bad that this is my 5th time reading this? … Yeah? Well to make this more awkward it's my 3rd time today...
                              Ok bye now!
Batgirl_in_evolution Batgirl_in_evolution Oct 11, 2016
But how could she not know that her ex best friend has 8 siblings?
tifftheawesome tifftheawesome May 25, 2016
I actually like the cover. I gives off the (I forgot which era it is) vibe. Dang now I'm going to be wondering that all night.
Mamma_Llamma Mamma_Llamma Dec 18, 2016
tifftheawesome tifftheawesome May 25, 2016
I think I'm going to like this book. 9 kids. Hmm what could go wrong.