The Contract for His Pleasure

The Contract for His Pleasure

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Alethia Henry By alethia16 Updated Nov 22, 2017

"Don't talk to any other men because you only belong to me. Don't dress  this way for anyone else except for me."  He whispered in my ear.

With bills piling up Juvia is forced to to become the contract mistress and wife for the billionaire. For the handsome amount of money he was willing to pay it seemed like the right price to pay. But she finds herself unable to control her life with the possessive Peter Anderson claiming it. Inconsiderate, selfish, arrogant and controlling is the words Juvia uses to describe him and yet she finds herself not wanting to only be his contract mistress.  When his ex shows up things change. Will Juvia fight for him or  will she be removed from the equation?

"Whatever you do don't fall in love with me."

Peter Anderson. If that's even his real name. The man of mysteries. Extremely handsome, rich, and has the body of a Greek god and as ruthless as they come. And of course his playboy reputation. Playboy and a bad boy? Is that combination even possible? Well God made an exception with this specimen. But what happens when he meets Juvia and feels a spark light deep within causing him to subject her to his will? And how does he deal with his past resurfacing? 

"Touch her and die."

This man gives a different meaning to 'I'll kill for you.'

Read to find out!

Cover credits goes to me for now.


  • arrogant
  • billionaire
  • boss
  • caress
  • cocky
  • contract
  • relationship
lovelylana2430 lovelylana2430 Apr 04, 2017
How does he automatically just have this contract that's a little suspicious
bogbantega bogbantega Mar 17, 2017
The job descriotion so far has not suggest anything like a WHORE
AlcMudadi AlcMudadi Jun 20, 2017
Had it printed already, he was waiting for the right person to take advantage of🤔
Otaku_creepypasta88 Otaku_creepypasta88 Sep 25, 2017
Um....I think you see wrongly though. Get your eyes checked, man. 
                              Stupid people. Too lazy to get glasses. It's stupid.
Otaku_creepypasta88 Otaku_creepypasta88 Sep 25, 2017
*Looks at the pic*
                              Hehehe where'd you find it? 😏😉😁