Forever Mine Book 2: Second Chances

Forever Mine Book 2: Second Chances

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"I knew love was supposed to be some kind of journey... 

But I never expected this."


Seph is out of Hogwarts and things are a lot different than she expected.

Sirius is dead, leaving Sylvia distraught and Seph to take care of her. 

Fred is practically on his knees. He isn't give up on the girl of his dreams so easily.

But what happens when Wesley shows up on Seph's doorstep just as things are starting to look up for our favorite Weasley? 

Love, hate, jealousy, and not to mention some steamy encounters make Seph's head go crazy.         Will she take Fred back?

Or is the past better left in the past? 

Seph, Fred, George, and others are back in this second installment of the Forever Mine series; Forever Mine: Second Chances.

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KawaiiKarina KawaiiKarina Oct 01, 2017
I hope that Wesley backs off and let’s fred and SEPH become a couple again Wesley I’ll kill you if you ruin it mark my word
Ex best friends ex guy yeah that makes sense you skenk (y'all know what I meant)
velvetpulchritude velvetpulchritude Feb 26, 2015
It took me a minute to realize it was JK Rowling, not JK as Just Kidding
TheRedHeadWizard TheRedHeadWizard Jan 17, 2014
I really liked the last book so i KNOW that this book is going to be really good too!! ^-^
                              (it is 7:50 P.M and all i did today was (Besides school) pretty much read your last book XD)
SiobhanBraun SiobhanBraun Dec 01, 2012
Oh and BTW .... Am i the only one thinking that fred really has a talent for appearing at just the wrong time??? Even bigger than wesleys...
SiobhanBraun SiobhanBraun Dec 01, 2012
I read all your forever mine books in like 15 hours(straight,with barely any pauses)
                              Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!