Kakashi's wolfy daughter (Editing & Slow Update)

Kakashi's wolfy daughter (Editing & Slow Update)

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14SilverWolf By 14SilverWolf Updated Sep 20

Kakashi was reading his book in the training ground, as usual. He was smiling as he just noticed that he was nearly done with the book. 

"Kakashi!" A very familiar voice called him. A voice he wished never did called him. Might Gai. 

Kakashi lazily looked up at him as he examined Gai's worried and tired expression. He was panting and sweating along with his squad. 

"Gai if it's another rivalry I don't wa-" 

"It's not about that!" Gai exclaimed shocking Kakashi. He knew Gai since they where kids. He wouldn't be this serious not until it's really really important. 

"What is it?" Kakashi asked worriedly as he stood up and placed his book back in his pocket. Gai placed his hands on Kakashi's shoulders as he looked into his eye. 

"It's Kit-Kat and Yuki" Gai said sadly. "Their village was ambushed and Only few survivors left... Katori was able to bring them here just on time..." 

Kakashi stepped back a bit at disbelief. "What?..." he muttered. he heard it perfectly but he just wants t...

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*Sweatdrops* why would you ever name your own daughter that?
Chidori= the fastest way to a woman's heart (quite literally)
cuitechan cuitechan Aug 23
It brings such tears in my eyes to see such beauty not go to waste *sings in alfalfa voice* YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL
Unic0rns101 Unic0rns101 Jun 09
What if when hes using his chidori and yells out the name his daughter just comes running over like, "WHAT DO YOU WANT DAD!?" and he sweat drops. XP
I don't understand the nickname snow if her name is chidori.... I thought it was gonna be like Yuki or something. 
                              Now Ima have to let the name itself slide since irl I've heard worse names....(like they're so bad, you wanna find there mom and smack her.)
Fiktionliu9 Fiktionliu9 Jun 19
OHHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDD THE CRINGEEEEEE!!!!!!- In memory of my heart that just exploded...