Entranced by a wolf (BOOK 1)  {Tomoe X reader}

Entranced by a wolf (BOOK 1) {Tomoe X reader}

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You're a wild Yokai. You and your parents tried to pretend that You were only human Though. You started going to school in the middle of the school year, and started to go there. Everyone was in love with the foxy Yokai, Tomoe, but they had no clue who he really was. But he couldn't fool you.While everyone fell head over heals with him,  You remained Silent and away from them. everyone picked on Nanami, and also fell in love with Kurama, whom you knew was really a tengu. Who knew your school would be filled with creatures like that?! Later in the year you get a call while at school only to hear about something with your parents... Your father and mother is human, so how are you a Yokai?! read to find out!

    Kittycatque Kittycatque Jun 02
    hey this chapter did not suck and also i like the song i started to sing along to the main verses once i got to know the song :)
    22skilgore 22skilgore Mar 16
    Im reading this and there is a car crash ad at the bottom lol