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Daddy Zayn » Ziall AU ✔ [Editing]

Daddy Zayn » Ziall AU ✔ [Editing]

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♡ By ZiallSmut Completed

[currently editing]


Zayn Malik is a 21 year old men. He is single, and determined to adopt a kid. 

Did I mention that he was gay? 

Well yes, Zayn Malik is gay. 

As Zayn walks up to the adoption center he sees a sad Blond hair blue eye boy sitting on the edge of the window.

Zayn smiles up to him and he slightly smiles back and walks away.

Zayn looks away and walks in the adoption center. 

"Why, hello you must be Mr.Malik" says Ms.Crowley

"Yes I am, but can you call me Zayn? Mr.Malik makes me feel old." He responded

"Sure Zayn, so who are looking to adopt today?" Ms.Crowly ask.

"Im here to adopt a teen."

"Okay, stay here while I get all the teens. Okay?"

Zayn nodded in respond.

Moments later 7 teens came in the room along with Ms.Crowly

4 Girls and 3 Boys.

While Zayn talks to all of the teens he notices that the Blond hair, blue eyes is not here... 

Copyright © ZiallSmut, 2013

Ma boi zayn must be a lowkey drug dealer bc ain't no way a teacher can afford this
I'm trying to read the story but everybody is commenting and I can't resist reading what people have to say and it's just so many comments and then I just add more and I don't know why I can't stop! SOMEONE HELP ME!
I was just peacefully drinking coke when I read this. Lets just say I'm a little sticky and I never got to finish my drink....
I have the worst nickname ever.
                              My name is Giovanna and basically people call me Gio so that they don't have to say my full name.
I get it these orphanages are where Crowley gets the most souls
ZiallSmut ZiallSmut Mar 30
Omg how can a teacher afford this im shoookkk what was I high on