|Sorry Daddy|✔️

|Sorry Daddy|✔️

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Lashton's Love Child By Olivia5Hemmings Completed

>>5SOS Ot4<<

"D-daddy please."

"What do you want princess?"

"Please. I need you. Please just do anything."


*Warning: does contain smut and cross dressing, along with some 'punishment' type stuff. So if you don't like it then don't read.*

It would be kinda rude to follow you just to read your book then unfollow you when they're done. I say follow and vote every chapter and leave positive feedback like a reasonable human being.
Are these characters from somewhere? People talk about them like they are 🤔
I think it's because the book is very sexual. I think if it's sexual to this level, it's mature..
                              I dunno though.