Dearest (DarkiplierX Reader)

Dearest (DarkiplierX Reader)

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Darkiplier and Antisepticeye like you ooooooo

(Y/n) and darkiplier
 sitting in a tree

"Shut up!"

Sorry dark!

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TheUnrealisticMoon TheUnrealisticMoon Apr 22, 2017
I bye one and one and the wood, blankets, and metal bars is byeing me too?? 0o0 This is amazing. I never knew they could do dat.
TheUnrealisticMoon TheUnrealisticMoon Apr 22, 2017
I'm very spooked. Who gets scarred when u feel liek ur being watched? I mean, it could just be ur doggo watching u. XD
WolfinaTheCanadianDJ WolfinaTheCanadianDJ Aug 18, 2017
*Remembers a scene of me as Harley Quinn fighting scarecrow* 
                              Scarecrow: *Sprays green smoke everywhere that makes you unconscious 
                              Me: *Smells it* Ha! I breath this in for kicks every day! 
                              Scarecrow: hehehe..
                              Me: Ahh..see! *Falls unconscious*
Meowkid1000 Meowkid1000 Oct 02, 2017
*GASP* WAS MARK DATING CINDY? I know it was jack who said that tho XD
MoOn_LiGhT_dEmOn MoOn_LiGhT_dEmOn Oct 08, 2017
DEER: Seems legit, I mean, you did attack Jack with a leaf earlier 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
LadyDarkiplier LadyDarkiplier Sep 03, 2017
His hair is black now.
                              no racial