WANTED: A Hot Wife

WANTED: A Hot Wife

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Sheena By TheRedDelilah Updated Dec 13, 2011

Xander had it all; money, good-looks, power and an endless supply of women to last him a lifetime.

But what if his father gave him an ultimatum, one that would end his playboy lifestyle.

He needed to find a wife in the next four months. If he failed, he would lose everything.

He needed to find a wife... and fast.

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SheMakesTimeDisapear SheMakesTimeDisapear Feb 22, 2012
Woah!! Kyler and Terra are played by them too. O.e Twilight zone.
immac_dena immac_dena Dec 19, 2011
'I'm sexy and i know it"
                              That's my song so love it righ now and i'll always be shufulling :D
boofhead boofhead Dec 14, 2011
@TheRedDelilah There is nothing wrong with Broccoli ! Hehehe
                              I red I voted. Good start Honey
IntoThaBlu093 IntoThaBlu093 Dec 07, 2011
haha funny story. also i liked your other stories from your other account
MinkaGraham MinkaGraham Dec 03, 2011
i REALLY like this story so far. it's pretty interesting and i'm kinda excited to know what happens next. i can tell this is gonna be a really good book. please update soon (:
promiscuouschic promiscuouschic Nov 27, 2011
Wow! You're really amazing! :)
                              Xander say good bye to your bang and ditch lifestyle. Hahaha! His dad is cool :D