The War of Six Crowns: The Heir's Choice

The War of Six Crowns: The Heir's Choice

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Misha Gerrick By MishaMFB Completed

After discovering her parents had kept a whole world secret, Callan races to discover her past. Not easy to do with an increasingly agitated entity inhabiting her soul. 

Going to her long-lost elvish roots should answer all her questions. Instead, she ends up in the middle of a nightmare. 

The elves are on the verge of an apocalyptic war. Their enemy, King Aurek of Icaimerith, will only be appeased if Callan marries his heir. It's either her life getting messed up, or an entire country's lives lost. Simple enough, right? 


Because when the entity wants the elves blotted out of existence, saving them gets taken to a whole new level of complicated.

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xWiltingRose xWiltingRose May 25, 2016
Haha, I have DP/DR, so that is how it is for me 24/7 with everything.
marswannabe marswannabe Nov 06, 2016
I have decided, when I am not broke I am buying these books!!!!
xWiltingRose xWiltingRose May 25, 2016
I am extremely excited!!! And definitely Team Gawain!!!! ❤ 
                              I will leave the Gawain+Callan ship names for the others who come along. 😊
anna_iluj anna_iluj May 28, 2016
He understands her so well.  He's perfect for her. #TeamGawain
nanami77 nanami77 Jul 04, 2016
Definitely Team Darrion
                              Their ship name shall be..... Wait for it....... DARLAN or it could also be Callon but then again Rian sounds good too... Fudge, which one do I like the most?!
xWiltingRose xWiltingRose May 25, 2016
I understand so much better now. I was thinking he only did not want her to go, because of what happened with his mum.