imagine your otp?

imagine your otp?

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me luv aizawa By floralfury Completed

this is old and definitely not gold seriously stop reading this

imagine your OTP doing this stuff, i guess

full of fluff

the art on the cover is not mine

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ClaudiaRamos-Baez ClaudiaRamos-Baez Dec 01, 2017
Lucina: Robin, why are there, like, 48 Pics of Me Sleeping on Here?
                              Robin: Well you see Lucina... *Runs*
                              Lucina: Wha- gET BACK HERE ROBIIIN *Chases after him*
                              Robin: CUZ YOUR CUTE WHEN SLEEPING IM SORRY BAE
NerdyGirlGoesGamer NerdyGirlGoesGamer Jul 11, 2017
Italy: uhhh… Germany?
                              Germany: hm?
                              Italy: Why do you have-a all these pictures of me?
                              Germany: uh… training… purposes…
                              Italy: …okay!
                              Samuel: Charlie why do you have all of these pictures of me?
                              Charles: Cause you're so cute when you sleep~
                              Samuel: Ch-Charlie >////<
Annikitkat156 Annikitkat156 Oct 06, 2017
I haaaate getting too many notifs. I once had it in the quadruple digits after not using the app for a week.
Kawaii_Song_Princess Kawaii_Song_Princess Jul 15, 2017
America: Hey Keeks.
                              Japan: Yes America-san?
                              America: Why are there pictures of me sleeping on your phone?
                              Japan: Oh I've been found out!
TheKawaiiBlueberry TheKawaiiBlueberry Jun 20, 2017
Canada: P- Prussia, why are their pictures of me in your phone?
                              Prussia: *blushes from Canada's cuteness and runs to a different room*
ObsessedWithTrees ObsessedWithTrees Aug 09, 2017
I do value my life!
                              So if you say it's as bad as it is....
                              Forward to the OTP!!