Smoke and Mirrors || jerrie au

Smoke and Mirrors || jerrie au

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JET BLACK HEART By skepticynicism Updated Sep 12, 2016

Intoxicated. Hollow. Insane. 
Fake. Charming.  Dangerous. 
Words that sum up Jade Thirlwall, child of a drug addicted ex-rocker. 

Perrie Edwards is a good puppet. She does what they tell her to - act, smile, talk, lipsync - whatever it takes to pull in money. She's not going to go back to her old life again. 

Curiosity kills the cat. But Perrie's perplexed by Jade, curious about the girl that possibly hides behind the emotionless exterior, curious if she can save a broken soul. What she doesn't know is, maybe some people just don't have souls. Maybe they're just empty inside. 

Or maybe...they need something, someone, to ignite the fire inside them and bring them back to life. 

Smoke and Mirrors ©skepticynicism 2016

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yaramoawyalm yaramoawyalm Jun 03, 2016
You're such a caring person thank u..and imma drop thousands of comments (it's a warning)
ELLA43 ELLA43 Jun 03, 2016
Oooh so this is kind of a reversed little mix world, I like it haha. I'm sure this is gonna be really good angst :D
thirlwxrds thirlwxrds Jun 23, 2016
Damn Leeyum! This is too GOOD! 😍 and I don't care if I'm 15, I'm still reading this freaking book! 😂 x
Cutieinq Cutieinq May 25, 2016
I'm so excited for this I love you where did this come from 😍
JerrieAndJarry JerrieAndJarry May 29, 2016
Looks interesting babe, Im sure Im going to love this as much as I love your other books xx
perriestouch perriestouch Jun 13, 2016
Oooh this is different. Interesting. I can't wait to see where you go with this idea :)