CHANGE (MikaYuu)

CHANGE (MikaYuu)

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アール・ユーイチロ By EarlYuuichiro Updated Aug 07, 2017

(AU) Yuuichiro Amane at 19 years became a servant of a rich man, Mikaela Shindo, who works on a perfume company.
What actually awaits Yuuichiro in Mikaela's villa isn't something he actually expected.
(OOC) Perverted!Mika x Poor!Yuuichiro

Fanfiction is based on a role-play.
Also inspired by several MikaYuu fanfictions, role-plays, and even the dark Fifty shades of Grey.

WARNING: Mature-Sexual themes and abuse. Smut. Of course GAY.
There is also possible torture in here as well. Take caution before reading if the most, certain sensitive contents of this fanfic makes you feel too uncomfortable.
(I'm doing this warning now so I don't do it within the chapters to avoid some spoilers).

Disclaimer: I do not own Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End.

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MagicPB MagicPB Sep 19, 2017
😂😂 in his ass..already Sex coming 😂😂😂
                              Aw Yuu 😢
mystilox mystilox Aug 31, 2017
I'm reading this at school...
                              I HAVE NO REGRETS-
EarlYuuichiro EarlYuuichiro Jun 07, 2016
Ahhhh thank you.. I have a bad habit for writing long sentences u.u
                              Awww :3 I will gladly take the suggestion. It may not work 100% but I will do my best XD and its okay.. i'll just leave this as it is..
AetherTheNerd AetherTheNerd Jun 05, 2016
The sentence is a bit longer here, you can put a period after villa to shorten it.  
                              That's only a suggestion the flow could be a bit messy if you do so .3. I can't figure out an example to give you at the moment to help if you do split the sentence.
EarlYuuichiro EarlYuuichiro Jun 07, 2016
OMG should it sound like "Touch his ass" Instead of that right?
AetherTheNerd AetherTheNerd Jun 05, 2016
Can you check this part over? I'm trying to figure out the issue that's bothering me, I think it's either the " for sure" or "eventually make" since it stops the flow of the sentence. :/ 
                              It's only annoying me so it may be perfectly fine and I just don't understand it completely. ^-^