The Billionaires Princess

The Billionaires Princess

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"Why do you call me princess?" 

I asked and he tightens his arms around my waist. "Because you are a princess." He said and I chuckle. "I'm not just a princess." I said and he looked confuse. "Your not?" He said and I shake my head no. 

" I'm The Billionaires Princess."

Meet Adrianna May Chambers. She is an ordinary middle class girl who used to love her life. She loves to sing and to play with her guitar. She lives in a small house with her adopted parents. Her birth parents died in an car crash when she was just 5 years old. Her dream is to live like a princess living with her prince charming. But that is all going to change when she finds out that her prince charming didn't came out like she thought it would.

Meet Jaidon Domenic stone also known as jai. The rich, popular and the first class boy who doesn't give a fuck about life. He get a everything he wants and everyone sigh in delight as he walks by.

So what happens when they meet.
Will it be love at first sight or Hate .

The Billionaires Princess

Please read at own risk. Abuse + rape scene ahead. If you are not comfortable with it.


Enjoy :)

I love this song and your writing style!! It's so descriptive! <3 <3
nellyzuee nellyzuee Oct 28
Barely started reading it nd already loving it.  Its amazing
zahrabcde zahrabcde Sep 03
I'm sooo agree !! Especially when you wake up each morning in 6 cause the class started at 7