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Brain dead

Brain dead

429K Reads 20K Votes 26 Part Story
Frozen By Frozenemptyheart Completed

The virus has spread. Zombies are in every street, every building. Nowhere is safe. Even the other survivors can be dangerous. The only way to survive is to avoid contact with every other living or dead person left.

(Cover by HecDaevis)

FoxTheFallenAngel FoxTheFallenAngel Nov 26, 2016
Under my bed? That's stupid!!
                              Ok I would do the same thing so I can't judge
witek75 witek75 Nov 26, 2016
I'm just sitting here for around an hour just thinking should I re-read this story the fourth time or not...... Ughhhhh
gayisbae gayisbae Nov 22, 2016
Woooooooo! Re-reading this awesome story for the thousandth time!
BokuTrash BokuTrash Jan 27
That moment when a character from the walking dead game is named Mariana and feels just keeps coming back
Chidoriiii Chidoriiii Feb 12
Lol first book I'm actually reading where zombies climb stairs , thanks for the changes author
GamerQueen2002 GamerQueen2002 Nov 30, 2016
Under a bed? Really? 
                              *waddles away knowing I'd do the same thing*