Betrayal (The Transformed #2)

Betrayal (The Transformed #2)

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Stacy Claflin By StacyClaflin Completed

Alexis tried hiding from fate. When that didn't work, she faced it head-on.

Life was hard before, but now ancient prophecies dictate her every move. In her attempts to find a way around them, Alexis discovers a deadly curse with her name on it. 

The curse puts her relationship with the love of her life on the line... and she can't even tell him about it. No matter what Alexis does, she runs the risk of losing him forever.

Can she find a loophole before she loses everything she cares about?

  • fantasy
  • mystery
  • romance
If I remember correctly, the prophecy didn't say anything  about her future king. 
                              I wish she ends up with neither. :/
siana5767 siana5767 Sep 23
I can't take him serious with that name. I keep seeing a big red dog
Waiting to escape and further the plot, is what I think you meant
AG-Medina AG-Medina Feb 24
i feel cliff is better. if she gives him the time she gave tanner then she will adore him. tanner can love someone else and move on. but Cliff.... is like making a death sentence even if he finds someone else he will still feel something and be suffering
Lovin_Mines Lovin_Mines Jan 24
How bout she do it but still stay friends wit Tanner n stead of forget him
I'm gunnar say this right now. I hope she didn't choose tanner over cliff