Deception (The Transformed, #1)

Deception (The Transformed, #1)

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Stacy Claflin By StacyClaflin Completed

What if your whole life was a lie?

Alexis Ferguson thinks she has everything figured out, but has no idea how wrong she is. Set up on a blind date, she meets a gorgeous stranger and feels that she's known him her entire life, but she has never seen him before. 

He awakens in her long-forgotten dark memories, and now she must face the one who ordered her death years ago. Will she learn to use her strange new powers in time to save herself? Will she let him help her? Should she trust him?

  • mystery
  • romance
  • teen-romance
StillClear StillClear Aug 29, 2017
The book seems to be moving too fast, it also lacks detail and smoothness. I'll continue to read on to see if it's worth overlooking. The description was interesting, so I hope so.
alanascrown alanascrown Jun 15, 2017
I've actually read this before but on iBooks so I've come here to read it again just so I can comment all my thoughts 😂
istiak268 istiak268 Jun 30, 2017
This book is bad with various plot hole. I had such high hopes .... 😔😔
danah1211 danah1211 Jan 07
Thing is, Natalie seems nice. Its just the parents who are not
strom02 strom02 Jul 23, 2017
This is funny to me just the last part because me and my sister hate each other the only time we help each other is if we get something in return other then that we hate each other
theterrifictrio964 theterrifictrio964 Dec 12, 2017
I can’t stand the smell of new cars! It is like some one burnt sausages in there. It’s probably just me tho