{EDITING} Finally Mine| A Travlyn Fanfic//AU |

{EDITING} Finally Mine| A Travlyn Fanfic//AU |

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Muffin By DerpySquidKid Updated Dec 02

These two, are unique. Well, everyone is unique in their own way. We all have special properties. but these two, are a special unique. They might not see it at times, but they were made for each other, litteraly. they know each other. They love each other. They belong to each other. They are each other

*Slow Updates!

Name : Travis Grimfire Valcrum
Age: 23
Parents :  Enkyais Pricilla Valcrum, Kristiop Teala Valcrum
Siblings : ???
Origin : ???

Name : Katelyn Selene FireFist
Age: 23
Parents : Eric Kristopher FireFist, Steline Enika FireFist
Siblings : ??? 
Origin : Florida

Shes Finally mine.

Im Finally his
The AMAZING Cover was made by @PastelMai , go check her out!
all characters belong to Aphmau, none of them are mine except OCs.

To the cute StOP KATELYN.
                              Me: Awwww! LOOK AT THE STOP KATELYN!!! ITS SOOOOOO CUTE!
                              Katelyn: Hmm. Almost as cute as Travis.
                              Travis: WAT
                              Katelyn: NOTHING I SAID NOTHING U HEARD NOTHING NOOOTTTTHHHHIIINNGGGG! *punches Travis and runs away like sonic da hedgehog*