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Finally Mine| A Travlyn AU |

Finally Mine| A Travlyn AU |

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Muffin By DerpySquidKid Updated Jun 13

❝She's like a Lake, you look into it and you see your reflection, but you cant look deeper. Not until you go deeper, sometimes you just give up, then a cup of water spills, and you see the cup, all the water spilling out of it. That's when you go deeper. That's when you take the glass and fill it up with water like its yours.❞

❝He was like snow. When it starts, it doesn't stop for a long time, and you get trapped in him when you walk outside, like you're his, but snow is soft and nice. That's when you realize you want to stay inside it for while, no, forever. It comforts you. That's when you pretend like you belong too it❞

Katelyn; pretty strong girl, note the pretty part. Shes in for a fight when its there. Love? Yeah shes found that. It feels amazing for her. No she isnt a possesion. She just belongs to someone. Giant amounts of punches had been witnessed before though, yeesh.

Travis; Perv? Check. Flirt? Check. Misunderstood? No spoilers. Belongs to someone? CHECKITY CHECK CHECK. He also broke the forth wall which is now dead so he could recommend you this book! Too soon? Kay. Hes basicly your average twenty year old guy on flirting steroids. And no, he isnt 60.

CakeLover299 CakeLover299 Sep 27, 2016
To the cute StOP KATELYN.
                              Me: Awwww! LOOK AT THE STOP KATELYN!!! ITS SOOOOOO CUTE!
                              Katelyn: Hmm. Almost as cute as Travis.
                              Travis: WAT
                              Katelyn: NOTHING I SAID NOTHING U HEARD NOTHING NOOOTTTTHHHHIIINNGGGG! *punches Travis and runs away like sonic da hedgehog*