Edmund Pevensie X Reader (Chronicles Of Narnia)

Edmund Pevensie X Reader (Chronicles Of Narnia)

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I'm Lucy Heartfilia's sister.. Deal with it.. By xLucyannaHeartfiliax Completed

"Why are you following me?" he asked, I shrugged 

"I could be warm in there with the others, and looking for Mr. Tumnus, but I can't leave you on your own out here" I bit my lip.

Edmund was silent, I assumed the pinks on his cheeks was caused by the cold air. I snickered "besides, someone has to stop you from doing something stupid" he pushed me playfully. 

I laughed and nudged him with my shoulder "oh and Ed..." "hm?" he replied "I hate you for making me leave without my coat" he chuckled in response.


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This is a no can do. Because I absolutely don't like dresses so Imma just wear some pants and a dress shirt
I wish we still wore those clothes and shoes no one saying ewww I don't like your shirt or what are those * sigh*
Thank you for copying this here I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it.