Psycho Boyfriend (Namjoon BTS) [Completed]

Psycho Boyfriend (Namjoon BTS) [Completed]

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SABRINA By taehyungmine17 Completed

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How will Ina survive if she is having a psycho boyfriend that is very possesive?

"Why do you care?" I spat. "Dont be so stubborn babe. You will regret it . Now eat or else..." 

"Or else what?" I yell back.

He smirks and pulls out a knife from his pocket. How could that big knife fit in his pocket? But that doesn't matter now.

"What will you do with that knife?" I ask. I gulp. This will be bad.

⇨This story will contain blood, killing and many such psychotic elements.

Noona0018 Noona0018 Nov 30, 2016
Omy lawd!😨 Every time he in the streets, *rinnng ring* man down!
TheUnknownOtaku19 TheUnknownOtaku19 Dec 21, 2016
I dont know if I'm right but this is rm talking of killing that junho first no?
Paulina10 Paulina10 16 hours ago
Ina that's the last part of my full name I knew me and my boo are meant to be 😂👌🏻
not_a_girly_girl not_a_girly_girl Dec 03, 2016
Why didn't she call the police yet if this isn't the first time?
krnmayoo krnmayoo Oct 15, 2016
Yiiiee! I have tha same name as her! I'm also called Ina! (But different spelling, mine is spelled as Y-n-a-h) and my ultimate bias is rapmonster! I'm so love this story already!
KPOP4LIFEU2004 KPOP4LIFEU2004 Dec 20, 2016
I'm too young to be traumatized but what the hell who said age matters!