Psycho Boyfriend✔ (Namjoon BTS) [Completed]

Psycho Boyfriend✔ (Namjoon BTS) [Completed]

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How will Ina survive if she is having a psycho boyfriend that is very possesive?

"Why do you care?" I spat. "Dont be so stubborn babe. You will regret it . Now eat or else..." 

"Or else what?" I yell back.

He smirks and pulls out a knife from his pocket. How could that big knife fit in his pocket? But that doesn't matter now.

"What will you do with that knife?" I ask. I gulp. This will be bad.

⇨This story will contain blood, killing and many such psychotic elements.

'I feel like that GUY is also running' 'HE or SHE is chasing me' Bruh make up your mind
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GIRLS CAN BE TALL AND MUSCULAR........BUT YAH  all the things I am not
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chapter 1: dead
                              you woke up in hell because namjoon broke the bed and you cracked ur head open and died.
                              the end
Love your story and your writing ❤️❤️❤️
                              Do check out mine about BTS as well❤️ 
                              Thank you for your support❤️ 
THIS CUTIE I CAN'T- OH HI XI GUAY ONG THAT ISN'T XI GUAY ONG (Singaporeans and people who watch NOC would understand the second thing)
Oh just another normal Saturday night for me *calmly sips tea* yep....