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Operation 069: Seducing the New Boss

Operation 069: Seducing the New Boss

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chen By chanbbuing Completed

Byun Baekhyun, a mere secretary, does something further beyond a normal secretary should do.

Park Chanyeol, the new-seated CEO of Exhoven Corporation is a man who never has been laid in his 28 years of existing. It doesn't mean he's ugly though. The man looked like a asskilling man with guns in his arms, everyone was willing to to be mounted with such a guy. But Park Chanyeol isn't like that, he was an ordinary self-controlled man. A nonsexually deprived, workaholic, virgin, loveless kind of man.

Baekhyun brings his perfectly gifted body into good use. And that is to seduce his new appointed boss, Park Chanyeol.

Status: Completed.

©chanbbuing|All Rights Reserved 2016

-xpapibaek- -xpapibaek- Jun 02
Smhhh... I been reading gay shït since I was 6...don't judge's was the first time with yaoi and I found smut by accident
tteok_ tteok_ May 31
Warnings aren't necessary when it comes to ChanBaek; you should know that, Author-nim~ <3
Ritsuka2 Ritsuka2 Jun 08
I'm gonna ruin the 69 comments thingy. Sorry y'all😂😂😂 It was perfect until I commented 😂
Partylife99 Partylife99 Jun 05
I am 16 but I just thought of NCT 127 7th sense when I read open
ImOutcast ImOutcast 6 days ago
I will be 20 in a few months but my mental age keeps on changing from 5 to 30.😊
rytaeri rytaeri 6 days ago
i mean if this is like operation 69 has baek seduced other people?