Operation 069: Seducing the New Boss

Operation 069: Seducing the New Boss

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MESSÎ By chanbbuing Updated Dec 23, 2016

Byun Baekhyun, a mere secretary, does something further beyond a normal secretary should do.

Park Chanyeol, the new-seated CEO of Exhoven Corporation is a man who never has been laid in his 28 years of existing. It doesn't mean he's ugly though. The man looked like a asskilling man with guns in his arms, everyone was willing to to be mounted with such a guy. But Park Chanyeol isn't like that, he was an ordinary self-controlled man. A nonsexually deprived, workaholic, virgin, loveless kind of man.

Baekhyun brings his perfectly gifted body into good use. And that is to seduce his new appointed boss, Park Chanyeol.

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what if one of those hoes you send to his house is a hitman hired to  kill chanyeol tho
kookie_hyungwon kookie_hyungwon 3 days ago
Jesus Christ *grabs onto something * im already fan girling wth
Awaashin Awaashin Dec 22, 2016
Me, but bitch i aint gonna steal chanyeol from baekhyun. Nah ah.
lets see how easily you can say  that after you see baekhyun