Operation 069: Seducing the New Boss

Operation 069: Seducing the New Boss

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Byun Baekhyun, a mere secretary, does something further beyond a normal secretary should do.

Park Chanyeol, the new-seated CEO of Exhoven Corporation is a man who never has been laid in his 28 years of existing. It doesn't mean he's ugly though. The man looked like an asskilling man with guns in his arms, everyone was willing to to be mounted with such a guy. But Park Chanyeol isn't like that, he was an ordinary self-controlled man. A nonsexually deprived, workaholic, virgin, loveless kind of man.

Baekhyun brings his perfectly gifted body into good use. And that is to seduce his new appointed boss, Park Chanyeol.

Status: Completed.

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No no no, you got the letters all jumbled up. It's "CBX" sweetie
I m gonna be 18... yeah I can definitely read it. Anyways who cares abt age when there's fresh yaoi on ur plate served in front of u?
likelanieve likelanieve Mar 05
I feel like i'm the only one who is not underage 😂😂😂😂