House MD - 6.04 The Tyrant

House MD - 6.04 The Tyrant

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Fizza Hayat By fizzahayat Updated Jul 31, 2013

[Open on two men in the back seat of a car. They are Dibala, the president of xxx and Joseph Ntila, one of his aides. It is raining outside]

Joseph: We will anger the Americans, slipping out like this.

Dibala: If your son was a student at one of the greatest universities in the world...

Joseph: So make him come to you. You're protected near the UN. Once we cross 42nd Street...

Dibala: As always, I appreciate your caution, Joseph, but, as always, you have far too much of it.

[The car crosses a bridge. Dibala looks out the window at the rain-soaked scenery. As the car turns a corner, a black van pulls up in front of it and stops, blocking their way. Another van pulls up behind them. Dibala, Joseph and the driver look around and realize they are trapped. The doors to the van in front of them slide open and a man steps out.]

Joseph: Stay down, sir. [He gets out of the car with his gun drawn. He quickly checks in all directions and then points his gun on the man from the van who is pu...

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