Preordained #ProjectNigeria

Preordained #ProjectNigeria

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S.A. By Ad_zy1 Updated Sep 12

Nwanyieze-- Diligent student by day, prostitute by night. She has left behind a dark past to pursue her dreams, selling her body to men in order to support herself. 

Maduka-- Sure of himself, striving to make it in life, his impulsive decision takes him down a path he has been fearing and seeking at the same time.

Saheed-- What he wants, he gets at all costs. A spoiled politician's son with the ability to charm any woman into his bed, he soon discovers that not everything on earth will bend to his will- and his money.

Lagos-- The Centre of Excellence, one of Africa's largest  and most culturally diverse cities. 

Come along, will you?

Warning: Might make you grin from ear to ear and go "Awww" like a million times.

Ehinomen44 Ehinomen44 May 02
                              You guys should totally check out this book
AnaR_98 AnaR_98 May 30, 2016
Nice story. But there are terms which are difficult to be grasped. Otherwise it's really great. Keep writing. Will love toread the rest of the chapters.
__CharlieTango __CharlieTango May 24, 2016
Hey! I dunno why I'm so excited to read this story but I'm really looking forward to more  updates! XD
yewandejoseph yewandejoseph May 27, 2016
Hello dear, well done with this. I  personally love your description. Nice one dear.
lypophreniac lypophreniac May 28, 2016
                              This story is rather interesting, with the topic on prostitution, as it is still going on till today. Good job, and I'm waiting for the next chapters!!!
TyorWrites TyorWrites Sep 17, 2016
I've not even started & I'm already impressed. I thought I was the only Nigerian on Wattpad writing Nigerian stories