« relapse » septiplier

« relapse » septiplier

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spencer (ง'̀-'́)ง By umspencer Updated Mar 13

Jack's always felt like this, for as long as he can remember. He knows he's had good times, knows that he still gets happy sometimes. But in these moments, it feels like they never have and never will exist.

( trigger warning; suicidal themes & depression )

|| disclaimer: i own nothing and no one but the plot in which I write this story ||

umspencer umspencer May 31, 2016
@septiplier_ I'll have to see when I can do then :) It may be a while considering life situations rn but I'll be happy to continue this as a full story sometime.
septiplierphan1 septiplierphan1 Dec 27, 2016
Jack... F U C K 
                              Mark, you need to realize this type of stuff
Homo_Bleach Homo_Bleach Jul 19, 2016
*reads this then tries to see if I can cross all my fingers*
saro510 saro510 Dec 18, 2016
i literally felt something when i read angel this isn't good for my health
loserackles loserackles Jan 07
You also had it coming when you put the word triggered, how did you not see it coming, lol
hothead5 hothead5 Jan 07
A kid that went to my school named Sean just committed, and it's making this story so much more sad and intense