relapse // septiplier

relapse // septiplier

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"i'm fine, don't worry; just tired is all"

( trigger warning; suicidal themes & depression )

|| disclaimer: i own nothing and no one but the plot in which I write this story ||

I JUST realized that this was only the prologue. It's really good!
mistariel mistariel Aug 10
where the hell are  you im shacking  ffs(open the night we met over)
He will be an angel if ya don't find him soon >:)
                              Yes I'd like to die now please?
muiithecat muiithecat Jul 01
oh god... this is starting to sound exactly how they found my brother......
Pff nonsense
                              There's always time for surprises
                              Especially if that surprise is finding your yet-to-be-dead husband still alive so you can save his life
Felix found the surprise :0
                              I need to stop I'm going to get murdered
                              Either by another reader or my own heart