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Various Lemons

Various Lemons

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Umbre By BlueUmbreon12 Updated 2 days ago


Those who avoid my warning you have be warned....

2004dc11 2004dc11 Feb 07
Can you do zeno? From yona of the dawn? Or is he too innocent?
lifegoddess lifegoddess Jan 22
Sanji x reader please!!!!! There are not that many good ones. But I know that it will be amazing if you make it!!!! And um....maybe, could you, please, have him ask to marry the reader....... please! I'm sorry.......😖😢
                              Love your work though!!!!!😊
EeveeIsLyfe EeveeIsLyfe Dec 20, 2016
Can you do a Nightwing x shy! Reader? I absolutely adore him but understand if you don't want to do it... thx for your consideration 😊
DespairingDream DespairingDream Nov 01, 2016
Is it possible to do a kiyotaka x reader. From danganronpa! It's ok if it will take long, take your time! :^]
LadyAkioAkuna LadyAkioAkuna Jul 21, 2016
Could u do a Death The Kid x Reader one from Soul Eater? :3 Pweeaseee?? ;P Idk if you use mah name or not. xD
love_peace_ships love_peace_ships Jul 25, 2016
Could you do a Prince Zen x Sharayuki from Snow White With The Red Hair?