Rejecting My Alpha

Rejecting My Alpha

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Chicken Strips By To_Tomorrow Updated May 25, 2016

I will not let him do this to me. No, I will not let him break me any more than he already has.
"I, Henry Maxton, Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, re-"
"What?" I smirk. "Reject me?"
The look of confusion on his face is clearly noticable. He doesn't know what I'm going to do next.
"I, Carmen Haydes, reject you, Henry Maxton, as my mate," I sneer.
The hallway becomes quiet as the members of the pack realize what I had just done.
"Did you just... reject me?" Henry asks, his eyes narrowing at my face.
I let out a small laugh. "Oh look, I found Captain Obvious over here."


Carmen Haydes was the outcast of the pack. No one talked to her, no one even cared. It wasn't until that she found out her mate was her very own Alpha, Henry Maxton, that she thought she would finally feel cared about and noticed. That all changed when she overheard him talking to his Beta about rejecting her.

Carmen is tired of being looked at as trash, as a nobody who has no use in the world.

Escaping the pack is her first priority. And even if it means becoming a rogue, then so be it.

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