Sixteen Year Old Vampire

Sixteen Year Old Vampire

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Never in my life has my mom ever said something so horrible, so disgusting. Never in my sixteen years of living, have I heard something so awful and cruel. When Mom said those five words, I felt like my world was ending, and that my life was over.

 "You're going to high school."

 Now, I know what you're thinking. What's so bad about high school? Well, nothing if you're a normal, responsible human. But, that's just the thing. I'm not human. I'm a vampire. And, I've watched a hundred human movies to know that high school is horrible. My life has officially ended.

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ArtGirl647 ArtGirl647 Jan 05
Most books on Wattpad have the guy as the vampire and they get so repetitive
I feel vampires will never fall in love with humans, because of the age difference. Vampires are immortal and humans aren’t, how can that work out? <Btw not judging your work in any kind of way!>
Wtf its da popo run look he right there ahhh help!! 
                              OK I'll leave now