Mother At 18 (Gruvia)

Mother At 18 (Gruvia)

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It was all because of the party. She got drunk and so does he. They didn't know what they're doing so they did something. The next day, Juvia wakes up naked with a man next to her who was also naked. She freaked out and tried to remember what happened last night but she failed. Then a week after while she was working, she passed out and the doctor told her that she's pregnant. Now she doesn't even know what her baby's father name is.

(I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does and I just borrowed his characters. Mine's just the storyline)

(Warning: Contains Matured themes, not recommended to those people who are sensitive about the topic)

(This just a work of fiction. Fanfiction to be exact. Some of the parts in the story are far from reality because this is just a story made by my creative and weird mind.)

(Read the whole story before you judge it)

(You've been warned.)

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