Assassination classroom x reader oneshots (DISCONTINUED)

Assassination classroom x reader oneshots (DISCONTINUED)

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Koino Himari By SilentOath1102 Updated Jul 09, 2016

Hello there!! As you can see, I'm going to be writing Ansatsu kyoushitsu  oneshots because I suck at writing a story -_-.
I hope you'll read it and if you want to request, you can ^_^!!
I don't do yaoi, yuri and lemon!!

Character x reader 
Character x OC 
Character x character 

That is all I have to say and..........maybe I will do boyfriend scenarios once in a while.


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bqsictrash_ bqsictrash_ Jul 31, 2017
If I speak Japanese I feel like a weaboo and cringe. I'm ded
PierceTheDamnSirens PierceTheDamnSirens Jul 25, 2017
I think someone should do a yuri assassination classroom book or something
VroomVroomMF123 VroomVroomMF123 Nov 08, 2017
                              BOKU NO NAKA NI DARE GA IRU NO~
AkabaneTh AkabaneTh May 23, 2017
NO KARMA - KUN!!! I LOVE your sadist personality. And you are not changing your self, your personality, or even GETTING AWAY FROM ME *evil laugh* *yandere mode on*
fairytail_girl_bae fairytail_girl_bae Jul 09, 2017
My face when japanese came on.   /(•~•)/   |___| (flip table)
Krista_Viknstine Krista_Viknstine Sep 05, 2017
Idk why but for me I think everyone is screaming like:
                              I was like irl:
                              .-. (Wth)