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One More Time

One More Time

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strawhat_pirate By strawhat_pirate Updated 6 days ago

They though Orochimaru had turned good. They thought he was on their side. They couldn't have been more wrong. He'd placed a cursed seal of the dead body of Madara before preserving the body. Before they knew it, he'd made Madara into his next vessel. The hidden villages all fell one by one, the last being Konoha. Everyone is dead. All but a select few. But let's say Kurama has a jutsu that will let them go back.

They're going to try this one more time.

(This book has been made into a crossover. If you haven't read my book The Things She's Seen, this book will stop making sense in chapter 29)


MistyFoxtail MistyFoxtail 5 days ago
Gaara-chan 😀😀😀do not worry I will protect you and love you even of your past.😄😄
Shyuki-nyan Shyuki-nyan 7 days ago
Don't worry Gaara the red panda, you don't need to kill people my inoccent panda! :3
AnimeMangaLove123 AnimeMangaLove123 7 days ago
before i begin to read, be prepared for my fangirl mode to attack, ok?
tyrabeme1 tyrabeme1 Mar 09
This has sooo much emotion that I am literally crying tears of joy in class.
AnimeMangaLove123 AnimeMangaLove123 7 days ago
My cute fuzzy red panda of doom, how much I wish I could marry you.