Taking It (Karma x Reader) - Story -

Taking It (Karma x Reader) - Story -

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(Y/n) was a still somewhat of a new student in E Class. But, she ignored the fact that she would get bullied about being in that class.

She always dreamed of being an artist, cartoons or not, it was always her dream. But, being in E Class is tough than she thought, along with killing her teacher. 

Soon enough, a red haired boy named Karma comes back in..making it a bit harder for (Y/n) to focus onto both killing her teacher and her dream.

With that, her past comes in to bite her..

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xXSea_Bunny_LoverXx xXSea_Bunny_LoverXx Dec 20, 2017
Japanese schools are so clean you can't even see a speck of dust in them
EcoShanina EcoShanina Dec 15, 2017
Hey did you know it's opposite day, so......
                              I'm saying my drawing's shet
EcoShanina EcoShanina Dec 15, 2017
Wait is this lemon? Because if it is
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MaddieD312 MaddieD312 Aug 25, 2017
Than why don't you clean it?? Your the teacher whit super speed.
MaddieD312 MaddieD312 Aug 25, 2017
For me that's true though.... even though I don't draw really inappropriate stuff ( I refuse to.... it makes me uncomfortable... I also can't label umm ...certain parts with out becoming shy... )
                              But still you touch my sketch book I get pissed.( depending on the person )
Kuulna Kuulna Aug 09, 2016
Whenever I see PDA in real life it reminds me how much of a loner I am DX