Vampire Knight oneshots!

Vampire Knight oneshots!

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#PERSASSY By kawaiikitte Updated Jul 05

Mostly Zero x reader

sometimes other types of one shots

Comment requests!

Usually I don't read stuff that involve Kaname but I wanna give it a try....
Fayda_02 Fayda_02 Jul 05
But Zero can't turn people... He's a Level E (Or D, whatevs) Only Purebloods can turn people.
When I saw the cover my food came out my nose. I was eating Raman, all of a sudden I see the cover, and i have a ton of pain and noodles are dangling from my nostrils...
ZERO TO HERO!!!!!!! eh get it? Hercules? No? Okay I'll shut up 0W0
kit-cat0126 kit-cat0126 Nov 15
MY SHIP HAS SAILED!!!!!!!(fan girl screech) CALLING ALL FANGIRLS!!!!!!