Vampire Knight oneshots!

Vampire Knight oneshots!

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#PERSASSY By kawaiikitte Updated Jul 05, 2016

Mostly Zero x reader

sometimes other types of one shots

Comment requests!

CreativeLeilani CreativeLeilani Aug 20, 2016
Usually I don't read stuff that involve Kaname but I wanna give it a try....
Fayda_02 Fayda_02 Jul 05, 2016
But Zero can't turn people... He's a Level E (Or D, whatevs) Only Purebloods can turn people.
WhiteWolfDemon1 WhiteWolfDemon1 Nov 10, 2016
When I saw the cover my food came out my nose. I was eating Raman, all of a sudden I see the cover, and i have a ton of pain and noodles are dangling from my nostrils...
BlOoDy_RaVeN_14 BlOoDy_RaVeN_14 May 25, 2016
ZERO TO HERO!!!!!!! eh get it? Hercules? No? Okay I'll shut up 0W0
MidnightMoon0126 MidnightMoon0126 Nov 15, 2016
MY SHIP HAS SAILED!!!!!!!(fan girl screech) CALLING ALL FANGIRLS!!!!!!