Tomtord Oneshits

Tomtord Oneshits

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Zach By sharkazach Updated Jun 11, 2016


Yes, I am aware that the title says OneShits.

Chap 1 - Tom to go to Bed
Chap 2 - Blind Date
Chap 3 - Tordy for Class
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kymanforever kymanforever May 31, 2016
This is the best thing that I have seen all night I still can't get over that he told him Sunshine f****** lollipops that is the best thing ever
JlovesGames JlovesGames a day ago
I don't get it ......
                              Wasn't tom on the floor orrrrr? Idk anymore
AntiqueBlackHole AntiqueBlackHole Dec 18, 2016
Dude, tbh, if you were stroking my hair I'd be putty in your hands
JlovesGames JlovesGames a day ago
I don't like dates I like snuggling and sleeping #lazypotato
The_Lonely_Waffle The_Lonely_Waffle Nov 03, 2016
I remember that one scene from EddsWorld:
                              "HEY, SUNSHINE LOLLIPOPS!!!" Grabs one of Tord's sofas..."TAKE A SEAT!" 
                              Da feelz doh
CookieMcLoughlin CookieMcLoughlin Nov 01, 2016
Tom being the drunk guy with too many feelings
                              Tord being the relatively sober one, who let Tom drink his own drinks and Tord's