Dracula's Daughter

Dracula's Daughter

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Melissa By tall_girl Completed

The legend continues . . . 

After his wife commits suicide upon hearing his fate, Dracula turns his daughter into a vampire in an attempt to keep her with him forever.

Horrified by her father’s actions, Valentina withdraws from both him and society, only feeding on rodents to survive, when one night the local villagers capture her in her weakened state.

Hopeful to be reunited with her dead mother, she welcomes their advances when she is suddenly rescued by fellow vampire, Christian. 

Dark and handsome, Christian takes her back to his estate where an unbreakable bond is formed between the two.

Valentina, who yearns for freedom, reluctantly leaves Christian’s side only for them to be reunited every decade in a new city with new identities. But she will always leave him in the end.

Constantly hunted by her father, Valentina doesn't know who to turn to when an old enemy resurfaces and puts the entirety of mankind at risk.

Will Christian finally abandon her after everything she put him through, or will he stick by his mate’s side even if it means dying together?

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Michaelove003 Michaelove003 Oct 09, 2017
Neither is saying she didn’t know the correct word is “and so did her mother “
daniela3840 daniela3840 Jul 11, 2017
😂😂😂 my daughter is Valentina. I love vamps with their beautiful European names
MeganEaster MeganEaster Jul 31, 2015
he was called the Impaler because he use to cut off his enemies heads and stake them on a pole for decoration
JulietIsHiding78 JulietIsHiding78 Jun 18, 2015
I was multitasking. Reading and eating. And I read "herein" as "heroin." That was an interesting moment.
FlwrPwrOldFrt FlwrPwrOldFrt Oct 04, 2014
Caught all to easily. I thought that vampires senses were a lot sharper than that even in survival mode.
RobertHelliger RobertHelliger Jul 31, 2014
Enjoyed the history of Stoker's Dracula...The Vampire story is original...and well written.