"Saving Jannah." #wattys2016

"Saving Jannah." #wattys2016

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s_slayyyy By s_slayyyy Updated Nov 06, 2016

"No no nooo I wont accept this no I wont Yousaf Jaani you can't leave me!" "You just cant!" "Someone speak to me tell me he will be alright!" "Please please please Ya Allah don't take him away for me!" I cried on the hospital floor. 

"I won't be able to live with myself if he dies!" "I didn't even get a goodbye!" "Ya Allah I didn't even say goodbye!" I hysterically cried. My sister rushed to my side and said "Jannah Habibti everything will be alright stay strong!" 

she broke out into sobs we cried and cried it was as if my life had stopped that day it and the happy cheerful Jannah I was had died.

'I Loved him will love him always and forever he was my life and now my habibti is gone. I'm lost.'
   How would Jannah cope? What would happen if her family looked at new proposals?  

How would she live with the "guilt?" Who would save Jannah from the dark hole she had went into? Who would bring back the laughing happy and beautiful Jannah back?

He came battling his own demons and was ready to battle mine too. To love me and never let go a " new beginning" a "Fresh start." as my family said "We just want your happiness our beautiful Jannat back. 

Just look at his picture he is from a great family." He had his story I had mine. He had one mission one goal and once his mind was set to it he wouldn't let go Jannah was his goal his mission. His name was NOAH.

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SafuraSalam SafuraSalam Aug 14, 2016
Nice touch. Maybe I should consider adding one to my novels.
Midnight_muslimah Midnight_muslimah Jul 30, 2016
Wattpad has taught me bits of languages so this is educational !
- - Jun 19, 2016
Nice chapter but I dont understand some words
                              Overall it's great nd full of emotions