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Undertale Soriel FanFic

Undertale Soriel FanFic

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ShippingTrash By Yuno3Gasai Updated Dec 01, 2016

There will be soriel and papyton and all that good shit. ALSO THIS IS 18+ IF YOUR UNDER AGED DO NOT BLAME ME FOR BEING TRAMATIZED! BUT THERE WILL ALSO BE COMEDY! YAH! ( very bad puns) this will be told in multiple POV's mostly Chara's....I think! Chara and Asriel are coming back to life cuz ITS MY STORY! So yah that's it. <3 enjoy my fellow sinners (jk)

RedCynder1234 RedCynder1234 Jun 20, 2016
*Fangirling to the max* "YES! YES! YES! *goins frisk in fangirling*
genesis3255 genesis3255 Jan 21
Chara if you only fully grasped how big this ship really is. Also what did you expect there was no FLIPPIN way asgore was going to be one of her contacts
RedCynder1234 RedCynder1234 Jun 20, 2016
(Sees chara repeatedly slapping frisk but just going though them) "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!! FRISKKKK STOOOPPOO NOOOO DONT DO THIS TO ME
rose-fangirl rose-fangirl Aug 19, 2016
But my OC is a cupid of sorts.... 
                              *incorhent yelling*
                              She says you can be cupid this ONE TIME Frisk
Wizardpig02 Wizardpig02 Jul 27, 2016
And how many other Soriel ships have done just that over 9000 well crap that is the anime side of me showing
123me1 123me1 Oct 14, 2016
That was me when I started undertale when I was still a pure little cinnamon and didn't even know what a ship was and then I saw soriel and now I'm A on tumbler everyday and right sin fanfic