Please Be Mine [Bts x Male Reader]

Please Be Mine [Bts x Male Reader]

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(Y/n) is your average, every day gay boy. 
Well, if you can call an International ARMY of Bts normal. 

Only having recently moved to Seoul, South Korea, he is new to his surroundings, without a job. 
But at least he can speak Korean, or he would never have had any hope to survive.
But a special one time only broadcast offer to apply to Bts is sent out, millions have applied throughout Seoul, and (Y/n) has no hope to be chosen. 
But a job offer proved him wrong as Bts' manager hired (Y/n), saying because he is a boy, there is a much smaller chance of him getting involved in a relationship with any of the members. 
But his manager is wrong. 
And miracle upon another miracle, all 7 Bts members fall for (Y/n), all for different reasons, but their love is the same. 
7 letters are addressed and given to you as Bts finally decides they want to confess. 
So...who will you choose? 
Be careful, because you can only make one choice. 

Warning: Gay/yaoi content. 
Read at your own discretion.

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I'm really blushing because I was just reading BTS smut 😂😂
I never knew that half a bag existed, where can I get half a bag?
Forever_JuNgShOoK Forever_JuNgShOoK Dec 21, 2016
Gahh I never find these!! Thank you so much for writing this. 😊