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Addison By mayashartt Completed

Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus have been best friends since the second grade. They've got each other's backs and the key to each other's heart.

Then, the tragedy happened.

When Riley and Farkle have sex and Farkle disappears the next day, Riley finds herself pregnant with his child.

Years pass and Riley finds herself looking for a job. What happens when Riley finds herself working at Minkus Industries?

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bobthequeen bobthequeen Apr 17
LMAO TBH this is NOTHING like my old elementary.. FIRST GRADERS were playing a game where the girl had to touch the boys' ding a ling
Honestly our generation has so many young kids knocked up, its ridiculous.
Awwwwee maya hart has her name in vannessa's name!😍😍❤❤
dwoctorxwho dwoctorxwho Aug 05, 2016
Jesus,Maria e José,amiga Vemk (escrevendo em português msm por motivos de preguiça)
-rowblanchard -rowblanchard Oct 26, 2016
13-14 year olds having sex is literally so normal here. in my school, 2 girls had a threesome with a boy in a tent on the side of a highway (they're like 12-13) lmfao
keeley17xo keeley17xo Aug 04, 2016
sorry I'm Irish and I don't rly understand the grade system in America. how old are you in 8th grade?