INK (Ink X Error)

INK (Ink X Error)

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Trash By Sherlock5Ever Updated Dec 07, 2016


Ink used to be human, or at least that's what he thinks. Somewhere, in the long winding corridors of his mind, he doubted who he really was as a person, he always felt different, in a way. And as it turns out, he was.


This fanfiction was made before Ink's official back story came out, so I made up a lot of Ink's back story myself, so it doesn't fit to Ink's canon back story. 

This also includes my original au, "Voidtale," and a lot of Ink x Error moments. I want to rewrite a canon version of Voidtale with Ink's canon back story and no Error/Ink, so a lot of things that happen in this fanfic are not canon to the actual Voidtale Universe. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading!! 


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Icey368 Icey368 Jul 04, 2017
Anyone else getting Harry Potter vibes here or is it just me.....
explojidafanficqueen explojidafanficqueen Apr 04, 2017
Error is actually a good guy. Ink is the bad one
                              when this multiverse collapses because of all the au's ink is making what do you think happens? Error is just getting rid of the garbage that ink calls "Worlds" most of them aren't even finished. good job Squid.
explojidafanficqueen explojidafanficqueen Apr 04, 2017
is real good I only read the first page and it was amazing although maybe you would want to consider separating talking it is a little confusing.
Galaxy_Kitty06 Galaxy_Kitty06 Apr 13, 2017
He looks like Sans? Yep he is... This guy is just an alternate version of YOUR Sans!
BlueJay332 BlueJay332 Jun 16, 2017
A_Random_Cup A_Random_Cup Dec 31, 2016
Sans is your father? So then that makes Papyrus your Uncle, and Gaster your Grandpa/Uncle!