Pretty Girl {Percy Weasley}

Pretty Girl {Percy Weasley}

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Alyssa Marie By AlyssaMarii_ Updated May 23, 2017

Do you know how it would feel to have boys look at you like a piece of meat? 

Well Abrielle Davis does I mean being a pure veela and witch isn't very easy but Abrielle is used to being the center of attention just for being a veela but with her extra power of metamorphmagus just makes it even better, the only boy who doesn't look at her when she walks in a room is Percy Weasley but why is that? 

Well that's what Abrielle wanted to know too......

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limechan12 limechan12 Jun 20, 2018
Green Day, Blink-182, The All-American Rejects! 
                              I like the sound of this already!
HajarH20 HajarH20 Dec 25, 2016
Play that blink 182 song that we ....
                              And I don't know the rest 😁😁
WaterwizardMagic WaterwizardMagic Jul 24, 2016
4, because some of the things weren't capitalized, and you had a lot of run-on sentences with only a few commas, which made it really hard to concentrate on the actual story. I feel like you could easily fix this, and your actual plot was good.