Taming Arrogance (MalexMale)

Taming Arrogance (MalexMale)

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Blake Benson carries an irrefutable air of sophistication about him, one that is as infuriating as it is unsettling.  There's nothing worse than working for a prick... 

..So what is it about Blake Benson that keeps Callum Greene coming back for more?

**Please note, I own no rights to the cover photo and this book will contain MxM content. **

diisconnected diisconnected Aug 29, 2017
i wonder if that is as annoying in his head as when i read it
howyoudoin12 howyoudoin12 4 days ago
Bet it's the new boss seeing how he interacts with customers or smth
fateha12 fateha12 Dec 20, 2017
Me! I can go past whatever it is that I need and still not see it😧😧it really is annoying being me. 😂
kpopfanfictionBxB kpopfanfictionBxB Nov 23, 2017
Oh yeah you sure? 
                              Caused remember you being pissed off by him
Cara-tesora-mia Cara-tesora-mia Sep 16, 2017
Is it a ceo to the holding company that owns the chain of stores? Or the particular store manager?
Bitch_Im_A_Queen Bitch_Im_A_Queen Dec 20, 2017
You is disgusting 😷😷.
                              First you didn't take a shower after sexin then that. .
                              Bruuuh bye