Hidden Play (MalexMale)

Hidden Play (MalexMale)

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Moving to a new school senior year is hard enough, but when Aiden's eyes continue to land on the one person that is all wrong for him - a fellow teammate who won't give him the time of day - things get complicated.  


Will Aiden survive his final year of school?  Or will he fall apart completely, succumbing to a lust that is beyond his control?

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Awwww I missed this book, I remember when you first posted this book, you had me so pumped and excited for every update! This is one of my all time favourite books <3 I also read your newer book Changing Tides and its also amazing!! <3 xx
Dang. He is the ring leader. Talk about Alfa male of the wolf tribe
mojiokedara mojiokedara Mar 25
If you  something for that burn, there is sale at wallmart. 3 for price of one. 
                              Just saying....
I have many books in my BoyxBoy reading list that begs to differ
Man my coach changes the starter based on who worked harder in practice and who can play defense well.
fjbarboach fjbarboach Feb 21
I laughed at professionalism..LOL
                              A teacher at our local elementary just called out my cousin because she didn't finished college. So much for professionalism.