Hidden Play (MalexMale)

Hidden Play (MalexMale)

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Moving to a new school senior year is hard enough, but when Aiden's eyes continue to land on the one person that is all wrong for him - a fellow teammate who won't give him the time of day - things get complicated.  


Will Aiden survive his final year of school?  Or will he fall apart completely, succumbing to a lust that is beyond his control?

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    Awwww I missed this book, I remember when you first posted this book, you had me so pumped and excited for every update! This is one of my all time favourite books <3 I also read your newer book Changing Tides and its also amazing!! <3 xx
    Dang. He is the ring leader. Talk about Alfa male of the wolf tribe
    Dudes, I just left a gay story and the main character is named Casper
                                  I'm glad the actual main character is as ignorant as me 😂
    I dunno. I have a repulsion to cologne... so my immediate reaction is 😵 but that might just be because my dad's has corrupted my nose since I was little. 😩 I don't mind fruity or sugary perfumes, though those don't classify as cologne... 😅
    I have many books in my BoyxBoy reading list that begs to differ