Hidden Play (boyxboy)

Hidden Play (boyxboy)

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Moving to a new school senior year is hard enough, but when Aiden's eyes continue to land on the one person that is all wrong for him - a fellow teammate who won't give him the time of day - things get complicated.  


Will Aiden survive his final year of school?  Or will he fall apart completely, succumbing to a lust that is beyond his control?

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Omg I've been searching for this book for hours and I finally found it zjzjakjsjakaksvjsoa yuhhhhhhhhs
Pr0crastinat0r Pr0crastinat0r a day ago
Don't mind me. I'm just going to reread this story for the third time now.
Btw. I read this forever ago and didn't put it in my reading lost so it disappeared and well yea. I love this book so much and it's been forever since I read it.
hilowcanugo hilowcanugo May 25
I was going to read Chapter 15 when this happened. I'm waiting patiently for this book to have all the chapters again :)
gpearl17 gpearl17 May 25
I read this story on old account, but I don't mind reading it again. That's how good it is😍
I love that he doesn't back down and stands up for himself👏🏾