5SOS Preference

5SOS Preference

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Dani By danrawr97 Updated Jul 31, 2013

A/N: Guys, this is my first preference, sorry if it's bad!

Preference choice: You Sneak Out


Your parents didn't really approve of your relationship with Michael Clifford. They thought he was a no-good punk with nothing going for him, so they never let you see him. But, of course, that never stopped you. So when he got home from tour and asked you to sneak out to see him, you jumped at the chance.

"Ready?" he asked as you jumped out your window.

"Yup," you replied while grabbing his hand and dragging him away from the house, "Lets go."

The two of you wandered aimlessly around the town, him talking about tour and you about school. At around six in the morning you headed back home to sneak back in, knowing your parents would be up soon.

"Bye babe,"  you said as you pulled him in for one last kiss, "Love you."

"Love you too," he smirked, "See you tomorrow."

When your parents woke up, they were completely oblivious as to what happened while they were sleeping. And you w...